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Upon opening her eyes, Nina found herself in a dingy room that smelled of old books and newspapers. She managed to get up but fell down, because, she felt very feeble. After a moment, she tried again and got up and finally managed to explore the old drawer beside her and suddenly it came to her mind what happened with her. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she started crying when she realized what occurred before she lost her consciousness. She was waiting for the bus at the bus-stand on a numbing night after work but it was very late and Jack, one of her new colleagues, stopped by her when he saw her waiting. Jack asked her to come in since he was on his way to Delenbroke and he said he would drop her home. She was reluctant to accept the offer but considering the dark midnight and chilly weather she decided to hop in. They both were on the way when Jack suddenly grabbed her fair, soft hand and confessed his feelings for Nina. Nina flushed red and got furious when she heard it and demanded him to stop the car. Jack halted the car with anger. Nina could see him furrowing his brows and his lips quivering with outrage as he started to say;
“You, you just declined my feelings without even knowing me. Do you know how much I love you? The moment I shifted to Delenbroke and I saw you drying your red-hair on a dusky evening in your window, I fell in love with you. You lived two blocks away from my building but I used to follow you everywhere. My eyes could not stop following you, even in my dreams and yet you do not understand me? What a selfish yet beautiful creation of God you are?”
A wave of shock and terror shrouded Nina as she listened to Jack. There was something very uncomfortable about how he confessed his feelings to her.


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