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Maze of Challenges

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Episode 1

The City of Cavecairn don’t like to be bored. A long road to the city leads north from the Eibreon Empire and is surrounded by mountains everywhere, so it was not easy to get close. You had a long way to go, but you arrived on time. The head of the city is Lirnvut, who from time to time holds a public competition to entertain the audience. A maze built for this purpose has been placed in the middle of the city and is inhabited by many mortal beings. A warrior who is reckless enough to cut through the maze can become rich, which is covered by the city treasury. The stakes are huge, but so are the winnings, so there are always warped candidates. The rule is simple. Whoever first finds his way out of the maze of Lirnvut wins the honor of the city of Cavecairn and 1,000 gold. No wonder you want to apply for the probe, but you have to hurry. You only have one day left to relax after this long trip to this place and enter the race.
Stay alive and get out of the maze of challenges!

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