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The Bloom

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In the Garden

The sun shines so bright! the cool breeze of the wind is so refreshing, birds are singing" you said head up,with a lovely smile, stretching your arms wide open whilst eyes are still close feeling the moment around you as you welcomed the pleasant morning in your garden early 6'o clock.
You grabbed the hose and started watering your plants in the pots, those beautiful flowers with dark green leaves. As you can see, your plants are very healthy and looks appealing to everyone who will see it. You take pictures and selfies for a remembrance to the bloom of every precious flower you have in your garden but there is this one lovely flower that caught your gaze at one corner, it's the loveliest of them all, healthy beautiful red roses!
"There are no words to perfectly describe how beautiful you are!" you said full of bliss.
You smelled its fragrance and you step a little bit closer to smell it more. You can't stop yourself appreciating the fragrance of each roses. You took pictures and a lot of close up shots.
As you are about to water the rose, you see something tiny crawling. It's not the kind of a "thing" that is common. It is not a wasp, honeybee, not even a firefly, nor a lady bug.


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