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Universal Donor

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"I just want to make a difference," you say on your way to the blood drive. "I want to feel like I'm special."

"Donating blood is a great way to do that," the taxi driver tells you. "Good for you."

"Oh, I'm doing this for a girl," you say. "I want to be special to HER. She's really into this stuff, so."

The driver just looks at you in the mirror and doesn't say anything the rest of the trip.

When you get to the blood drive you don't see the girl you like, but you go ahead and donate anyway. They'll give you a sticker when you're done, so you'll be able to prove to her that you did it. (You wonder if you can just get the sticker anyway, but it's too late and the needle's already in your arm.)

Afterwards, while you're having a cookie and relaxing, you see her. She's there with another guy, but you figure it's probably just a friend. Sure, they're holding hands and she's petting his hair, and you're pretty sure you heard her say "I love you" to him. But that level of intimacy with friends is important.

You're about to go over and talk to her and finally ask her out on a date when someone comes up from behind and pulls you aside. "Listen to me," they say. Their face is covered with a surgical mask and they have a hat pulled down low over their eyes. "You are special. You need to come with me."

"Who are you?" you ask.

"There's no time to explain."

"Why not?"

"There's no time to explain that, either."

"How much time do we have? Can I finish my cookie?"

The person scratches their head. "Alright, fine. There's time to explain. But not here. Bring your cookie."

They lead you behind the building where you're alone.

"Your blood type is very special. You're what's called a 'universal donor.'"

"Yeah, I've heard of that," you say with a mouthful of cookie.

"Not like this," they reply. "You can donate to anyone in the entire universe." They press a button on their wrist and a spaceship appears next to you. "I'm here on behalf of an intergalactic organization known as Spacekalm. They're a neutral group of people who fight for justice and peace throughout the universe."

"How do you fight for peace? They don't sound very neutral." You take another bite of cookie. It's almost all gone and you're sad.

"Listen, are you always this sarcastic or is this just how you cope with things you can't quite comprehend? I just want to know if I need to knock you out before we go."

You pop the last bite of cookie in your mouth and apologize. "I'll be good," you promise. "Let's go."

"You can take one item with you. What do you want to take?"

You don't have much on you. When you left the house you weren't expecting to get whisked away on a spaceship.

You do have a Joni Mitchell CD that you were going to give to that girl you like. You have no idea if she likes her music, but you gotta start getting to know her somehow.

Of course, in your pocket you've got a picture of the Queen. You keep it with you just to remind you that the Queen is always watching over you.

And on the ground by your foot there's a pretty rather ordinary looking rock. It's just a rock, but if you don't want to take the other things you can always just take that. Maybe it'll remind you of Earth, in case you never come back.

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